I woke up this morning feeling refreshed.

Just as last night I felt like I had the mental energy to continue working if I would’ve liked to even after ~14 hours of output, this morning I felt like I could’ve started writing immediately.

Sometimes when I wake up, I feel like I have a mental fog that I need to shake myself out of. I’m guessing this is pretty common from personal conversations I’ve had over the years. I haven’t felt like that since starting this challenge, and I certainly don’t feel that way this morning.

The first thing I did after starting my normal morning routine (that is drink water, meditate, brush my teeth, floss, wash my face, and put on deodorant) was to hop on the computer to begin writing. I can’t tell if the urge to keep up with the pace of writing daily progress posts during this challenge is giving me more motivation to write or if this challenge is conserving mental energy and allowing me to be more motivated by my goals (since that’s all I’m really trying to focus on).

Today was jam packed.

From the moment my feet touched the ground after waking up out of my bed, I’ve been moving.

After I woke up, I edited and revised yesterday’s post, then I took my cat-dog Celestine to the vet to get a steroid shot in his butthole (poor guy) so he can breathe more easily, came home to watch an hour-long webinar about online sales that began at 1pm, played outside with my parent’s dog Sasha, and published yesterday’s post.

After that, at around 3:30pm, I left to meet my family at an entertainment center called Main Event that has bowling, billiards and laser tag. I mentioned yesterday that my aunt Norma is in town. Tomorrow is her grandson Joshua’s birthday so we’re celebrating together at Main Event. He’s turning 8 years old.

As soon as I walked into Main Event, my nieces, both 14 years old, sucked me into this mini-world of games and adolescent ecstasy. We played 18 holes of mini-golf, then a 20 minute game of laser tag (my team lost, but I came in 3rd. I blasted those little kids…), followed by a full game of bowling (I did NOT win this… I won’t share my score, but let’s just say it was redemption for my nieces).

After Joshua blew out the candles on his birthday cake and we engorged ourselves with pizza, burgers, and fries, it was time to take a few family photos and leave.

It was after 7pm when we left and my body was soo tired. These kids wore me out!

Plus I hadn’t stopped moving since I woke up at 9am.

On my drive home, I decided to stop off at a local gym for an hour to soak in the hot tub in an attempt to allow my body to recover.

By the time I finally made it home, it was about 9pm and all I felt like doing was catapulting my body into my bed.

Here’s an interesting note though: although my body was physically drained from all of the activity of the day and likely the intense workout yesterday, my mind was crystal clear and not fatigued at all.

I could clearly tell the distinction between the fatigue that my body was experiencing versus the alert, still-fresh sensation that I felt mentally.

Pretty cool really. It’s as if my physical body needed the rest but my mind could continued churning with ease.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll check in with you tomorrow.

PS. This is super short but I finished it in record time: 50 minutes.

If you have any questions about the “30 Day Mind Your Own Business Challenge,” ask me in the comments and I’ll get right back to you! 

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