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3 Things About Robin Williams Death & Depression You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else

The apparent suicide of Robin Williams has left many people shocked, saddened, hurt, and just plain confused.

Robin Williams touched so many people’s lives.

Testimonies to his kindness, generosity, and, of course, his world-class humor were everywhere in the days following his passing.

There’s another aspect to Robin Williams’ passing which has received a fair amount of attention: the role of depression in his death. – Read More –

Depression F-ing Sucks! 5 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Overcome It…

Okay, depression really fucking sucks.

It’s like doing everything you can, day in and day out, just to have the chance to take a positive step in the right direction.

Every day is an accumulation of all the shitty days that came before, piled onto your back like 49 contestants from the Biggest Loser, waiting for you to take them to the finish line.

The finish line, of course, is your bed. Because you can’t wait to get away from everything and everyone and just do nothing.

The last 5 months I’ve been in and out of depression. – Read More –