“I want freedom for the full expression of my personality”
~ Gandhi

Robert James Collier

Hey! I’m Robert James Collier, the founder of Practical Idealist, and I write about practical ideas to achieve worthy ideals. 

How will this site help you?

The ideas you find here will be helpful as you:

  • work to develop positive habits to improve your daily life and achieve worthy goals
  • develop a lifestyle that positions you to do work that matters and frees you to do more of what you love
  • strive to live up to your full potential, remain true to who you are, and make the world better than it was when you arrived

Plus you’ll laugh and become inspired as you learn from other Practical Idealists who are walking the same path that you are.

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What is a Practical Idealist?

A term popularized by Mahatma Gandhi, practical idealism is a philosophy that holds it to be an ethical imperative to implement ideals of virtue or good. It further holds it to be equally immoral to either refuse to make the compromises necessary to realize high ideals, or to discard ideals in the name of expediency.

In short: a person who uses practical means to achieve worthy ideals.

A business owner whose ideal is to own his own efforts and to create a business that will benefit members of society is a Practical Idealist.

A school teacher whose ideal it is to educates the minds of the youth to prepare the future leaders of our world is a Practical Idealist.

A parent whose ideal is to raise her daughter or son to the best of her ability so that they can achieve their highest ambitions is a Practical Idealist.

If you have a dream and are searching for a means to achieve that dream, you too are a Practical Idealist.

A short list of world-changing Practical Idealists:

Mahatma Gandhi 
Nelson Mandela
Martin Luther King, Jr.
John F. Kennedy
Dalai Lama, His Holiness the 14th
Mother Teresa
Abraham Lincoln


100% Privacy. No Spam. And it's FREE!