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30 day mind your own business challenge

30 Day Mind Your Own Business Challenge

I remember reading this quote for the first time in Forbes and it really intrigued me:

“The person who minds nobody’s business but his own is probably a millionaire.” ~ Anonymous

I’ve decided I’m going to try to actually experience what this person meant on a small scale.

Enter the “30 Day Mind Your own Business Challenge”

For the next 30 days, I’m going to try to mind my own business. And my business only.

No TV. No random YouTube videos. No scrolling through Facebook News Feed. No Instagram. No March Madness. No talking about other people or their business (even in a positive way).

You get the point…

My motivation for this is curiosity and that I’m not simply making progress on my goals. The goals I’ve set for myself are life-changing and I’m not where I expected to be at this stage of the process. Also, it seems like it’d be a fun test of self-discipline.

I have no idea if I’ll be able to make it, but I’ve decided to keep a log of my progress.

For your convenience, I’m including an index to my entries during the “30 Day Mind Your Own Business Challenge.”

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What could you accomplish if you eliminated every distraction and minded only your own business?

– Read More –

2014 Business Year in Review [Blog, Business Pursuits, & More…]

This is a year in review for Practical Idealist and my business pursuits.

Writing gives me the opportunity to organize and record my thoughts, so I like the idea of reviewing two things:

  • What went well this year? (Positives”)
  • What didn’t go well this year? (Negatives”)

As such, this review is as much for myself as it is a review that I hope may help you in some way.

This review won’t include personal aspects of my life; things like my self-improvement goals and personal milestones. I may decide to write a personal review in May on my next birthday as it provides a good 6 month split between this business review and a personal review.

Instead, I’ll try to focus on business-related matters: the positives and negatives from the year which directly affected my professional work or resulted from my business pursuits.

It’s often difficult to distinguish clearly between business and personal because our personal lives impact our professional aspirations and vice versa.

I’ll do my best. – Read More –

3 Things About Robin Williams Death & Depression You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else

The apparent suicide of Robin Williams has left many people shocked, saddened, hurt, and just plain confused.

Robin Williams touched so many people’s lives.

Testimonies to his kindness, generosity, and, of course, his world-class humor were everywhere in the days following his passing.

There’s another aspect to Robin Williams’ passing which has received a fair amount of attention: the role of depression in his death. – Read More –

My Painfully Embarrassing Journey Three Weeks After Major Surgery to Break My Jaw

Having your jaw broken and wired shut sucks.

I’ve been force-feeding myself liquids through a syringe and spilling all over myself like a toddler…

I can’t communicate with anyone clearly, except by writing everything I have to say on a paper notebook that I carry with me everywhere I go…

And the people at McDonald’s obviously think I’m not only a mute, but that I’m also deaf because they use their fingers to tell me the milkshake is $1.95 instead of speaking to me like an adult.

It gets worse. But I’ll talk more about that later…

First, let me explain how I got here.

3 weeks ago, an oral surgeon broke my jaw on both sides of my face, moved my lower mandible backwards, and wired it shut. – Read More –

Lessons Learned: What LeBron James Can Teach Us About Greatness

In the 11 years since LeBron James entered the NBA out of high school, he’s experienced painful disappointments and learned a lot of tough lessons.

The greats of every industry know that temporary loss doesn’t mean permanent defeat .

Top performers know that in order to win at the highest level, you need to overcome serious failures and adopt world-class mental frameworks to succeed after difficult losses.

In other words, you have to die a few times before you can really live.

What can we learn from LeBron’s greatest mistakes and achievements along his journey becoming the most powerful athlete in the world?

In the stories below, I offer 2 remarkable lessons that we can take from LeBron’s story to apply to our own lives to use as strategies to unlock the greatness within ourselves.

NOTE: These are specific, actionable techniques which can be adopted and used to your advantage immediately… – Read More –

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